The Importance of Writing

Today, I found an excellent Ted Talk which is below this short blog post. This was perfectly timed as I’ve recently been getting excessive pains during short periods of writing by hand. It’s not like I write 10 pages by hand. It will only be 1 and 1/2 at the most.  Totally not normal. I’m feeling like maybe I don’t write using my hands enough even though I try to. The muscles used in the writing process could just be going stagnant since I’m turning to typing more frequently these days.

There’s something about handwriting that you just don’t get with online writing. When you hand-write you choose your own paper, the design of your notebook and even utilize your special pen. When you write digitally,your fingers bounce off the keyboard and you perform your own auto correct as you go along. (I feel like this may contribute to the fact that a lot of people don’t proofread what they write.) The positive aspect is that there are really cool templates when it comes to blogging and quicker feedback from people throughout the globe. Other than that, there isn’t much more gained. Things can get lost online through website crashes, viruses and technology failures.

Unless you get water or fire damage, things written by hand are much more secure in their preservation. Think about all the original documents still preserved in the White House today or throughout different museums. Why are we abandoning this ancient technique? Imagine if the Bill of Rights was saved on a USB years ago and James Madison broke it while pulling it out his laptop (just a scenario) there would be no record of it today unless it was saved elsewhere. I don’t know. Both digital and handwriting techniques have faults but I still love handwriting more. ❤


Why I Write!

(an expansion on my poem on homepage)

When I first thought about this question, many things came to my mind. I summed it up to the main terms of relaxation ,meditation, amusement, inspiration, communication, therapy, documentation and education.

However, why I write is not so simply defined by these mere words alone. It’s too deep to be defined. It can only be explained and shown through the power of my words. Alot of why I write has to do about me: hearing me, listening to me, understanding me and feeling me. Me,Me,Me,Me.


During my times of despair and loneliness, I feel like just sitting down and thinking. Most times it’s during a walk in nature with a small bag of food, my phone turned off, my keys, my purse and my favorite journal and pen. I sit down on a bench and reach for my journal adorned with the motivational quote:

DREAM If you can dream it, you can ACHIEVE it

and a sparkly blue pen. As I start to write, I feel my innermost parts breaking down to the smallest particles that exist within me. I begin searching deep inside perhaps for that God particle to understand everything even though I may never know. I write to find the answers to answer the questions that come to me both in private and public. As I search for those answers, my thoughts, beliefs and feelings arise. Sometimes I feel motivated by my own words as they appear on the page of my journal.

I sit and ponder

What does my spirit want to tell me?

What does God have to share with me?

I write when I can’t understand life, people and love. When my heart is full of sorrow or happiness, I need my heart to be able to cry out because of joy or sadness. My heart and soul needs to be heard. It’s a rare friend that exists who will want to hear my heart and soul 24/7.

In day to day existence, people rarely stop to actually listen to themselves not just the voice in their head. They hardly stop to sit down and feel. every. single. thing. that. makes. us. humans. I guess we now think that we are superhuman- inevitable. We can hide behind our masks of social media and be consumed by the television and internet for the rest of our lives.

I write to hear and connect with my soul and give my soul a voice. I write to actually be me and feel me. Writing allows me to record my progress in my life journey.

This is why I write:

To grow- personally (spirit, body and mind wiser)

To Create- a living record and explore new realities, dreams and fantasies

To Capture- my epiphanies

And that my friend is the power of the pen.

power-of-the-pen (2).jpg